I’m never touching mspaint again this took so fuckiNG LONG TO DRA W

I’m never touching mspaint again this took so fuckiNG LONG TO DRA W

We interrupt my inactivity on here to bring you chapter 5 of MLWFA because I finally finished it. I also changed the summary too, so. Please check it out if you can, and enjoy!

Summary: Arthur and Alfred have been best friends for ten long years. They were there for each other throughout all the ups and downs of life, but the aftermath of some downs may put too much pressure on the heart, and sometimes you cannot control what slips away no matter how long or how tight you hold on to it. Can something lost ever truly be found again? USUK AU


I love you, I love you, until the end of the world.

I dont even know what I did

Gosh I really love Kelly, she makes me feel so happy and loved ahh I’m so lucky to have her. We’re so close to hitting the one year mark too like wow, only 2ish more months<3

kelly and i were doing wondertrade together and i sent out a ducklett named aph austria and i got a level 100 delphox in return

life is a miracle


i would be the absolute worst dog show judge ever

all of them would win

it would be chaos

Is this the Krusty Krab?

liam i know all three of those were you omg you punk get out

how did it feel when you finally met your girlfriend?


I was so nervous right, like holy shit, I was a mess. It took 7 hours for mom and I to drive from New York to Jersey and I didn’t officially start freaking out til we hit her town. Our hotel was only 5 minutes away from her house literally five damn minutes. I freaked out really badly when we got the okay to drive over there, I actually almost threw up aha, ,

But when we pulled up in front of her house and I saw her and her sister standing in the front yard and I saw her there in person freaking out as much as I was, I just… I had literally no idea what was going to happen when I saw her, I had no idea what I would do, it was all a spur of the moment thing. 

As soon as we parked— actually, I don’t even know if we were fully parked yet, I got out of the car and I literally sprinted to her and I hugged her so tight. She said that I hit her with so much force that she actually was pushed back a bit aha. And just like that, as I was holding her close to me and she was literally sobbing, all of my nervousness disappeared. 

It was a wonderful feeling that I literally will never forget. 

As me questions about when I met Kelly in June?

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i love you
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