Taking a three second break from my hiatus to post this because I was born an artist because of this. This was my destiny

im not off hiatus yet buT LOOK AT THIS I’M SO PROUD IT LOOKS SO GOOD

im not off hiatus yet buT LOOK AT THIS I’M SO PROUD IT LOOKS SO GOOD

one day i will come off hiatus

who knows when

Guuuys look what I sent in for Kelly!!

Guuuys look what I sent in for Kelly!!

now that ive posted the pictures from this weekend, its time to make a post

im gonna be on hiatus for a bit. i dont know how long, probably til the end of the week, or who knows, it may last longer. i just dont really feel like doing much besides talking to kelly. thats all i wanna do is just constantly talk to her, so i will. our weekend together was so beautiful, but saying goodbye and driving away was the most difficult thing i’ve ever done. so im gonna be offline til the heartache subsides and just spend my time talking to her.

see you guys later

meeting kelly part three

i had a lot of fun, it was such a magical, wonderful weekend. we created a lot of great memories and our love and our bond grew even stronger. being with her has always felt so right, but physically being by her side felt more than just right. she is the person i was meant to be with, i have no doubt about it. shes my other half and i love her so much.

we took a lot more pictures, but these like 14 or so are my favorite

meeting kelly part two

meeting kelly part one

im gonna pick up kelly in about an hour so we can spend the day together (and hopefully she can spend the night) hehe i’m excited, i have a lot planned!

mine and kelly’s first selfies together!! i went to her house with my mom and we met her and her parents and we’re going on our first date tomorrow!!

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i love you
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